Being a part of the X-FACTOR ELITE ACADEMY requires huge commitments from our clients and their families. We are a new but very much needed performance based training academy. Currently, we’re holding our training sessions at various complexes in the Sarasota area. Here at X-Factor Elite Academy we’re training athletes from five years of age to the professional level in sports such as football, baseball,and basketball. We also offer explosion training to all athletes including those that do not participate in the sports we specialize in.

Our vision is not to permanently do our training sessions in complexes that we do not own, so we are looking for sponsors to donate whatever they can to our facility. Whether it’s in the form of currency, equipment or resources we are accepting every donation as the blessing it is. In return we would like to cover the inside of our facility with banners and advertising of our sponsors. We really appreciate your time and your donation and will do exactly what we say we will do with your donation. If you would like to make a donation or help us find sponsorship please give me a call at 941-586-0245 or email me at either xfactorelite@yahoo.com or brodrick.waters@yahoo.com

The X-Factor Elite Academy needs you!

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