About Us

Do Something Today That Your Future Self Will Thank You For!

X-FACTOR ELITE ACADEMY fundamental goal is to create confidence, so you can overcome any obstacle that comes your way. The best approach to achieving this objective is through consistency. Our consistent training plans creates top level results in both the athletic and fitness areas. The more you train with us, the more confident you become. You have to workout consistently to get more results. When you see the obstacles you overcome the more certain you feel physically and mentally!

Not everyone has the mental strength and the dedication that it takes to perform useful, athletic style workouts that you’ll be involve with at X-FACTOR ELITE ACADEMY. We provide the knowledge and proper exercises to prevent any injury which is the paramount aspect in X-FACTOR ELITE ACADEMY’s strategies. Also, with your general wellbeing in mind we guarantee you will be motivated, encouraged, and challenged in both athlete development and personal fitness training.

Our mission is to Take every client and transform him or her from into an “X-Factor”. In our terms the phrase “X-Factor” means the key to the whole puzzle. Just as in a math problem you have variables such as “x” That can stand in any equations as a value of any amount being the difference maker of the outcome of that problem; our staff is driven to turn our clients into those who make a difference in the outcome of any obstacle.